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Employees must also buy into a corporate culture of customer service. Most important of all, they have to enjoy their jobs. “If you look at the companies with the best consumer reputations—Nike, JetBlue, Zappos—they also tend to be extraordinarily good places to work.” A revolt, after all, can just as well be triggered from within as from without.
The good news for advertisers and publishers is that there’s a new, still-largely-untapped medium: mobile. It’s a whole new arena to pitch, to innovate, to gimmick. Your phone won’t know what hit it. The good news for consumers is that websites and magazines and TV shows we like still exist. The bad news is that we never want to pay for them, even by directing our attention to the ads that envelop them. But whose fault is that?
10. Back in the beginning of the decade, we came up with the theory of the value exchange which, in a nutshell, means the value you get is proportional to the value you give. It will earn me a nomination for the 2009 Nobel Prize for economics—which will ultimately go to Jeff Bezos for his theory of inevitable profitability.

10 Predictions From The First Internet Bust And What They Tell Us About Digital Marketing Now | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

One of the original digital marketing execs, GM O’Connell, made some predictions in 2002 about how the Internet would impact people and brands. Here, he looks back and assesses his accuracy, and, along the way, reveals some timeless truths about marketing in the digital age

Etsy's secret? The "Cult of Me"

It’s easy to see that many consumers are increasingly seeing themselves as creators, too. Companies that will launch successful products and services in coming years will not only understand this phenomenon, but also embrace and enable it.