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UTEC - Air purifying billboard / Panel que purifica el aire (by Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología - UTEC)

800,000 workers pedal to the office every day. (via The Cities Where Americans Bike and Walk to Work - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic)

800,000 workers pedal to the office every day. (via The Cities Where Americans Bike and Walk to Work - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic)

For all its power, Silicon Valley has a great weakness,” wrote legendary Silicon Valley investor Paul Graham, its “soul-crushing suburban sprawl.” But, he added, “a competitor that managed to avoid sprawl would have real leverage.” That “competitor” has turned out to be nearby San Francisco.
New York and London, admittedly much larger cities, both top it on start-up activity and the number of angel-funded companies, while the center of gravity for high-tech in the Bay Area has shifted somewhat from the valley to its more-urban neighbor San Francisco, which tops it in start-up activity, angel-funded, and venture capital-backed companies.
‘Temporary’ is the new normal. Why shouldn’t cities change with the rhythm of the year, week, day and hour? In cities like Bogota, where there are many revered landmarks, there is not a danger of ruining the city image if zones are created for constant change.
The General Theory of Walkability explains how, to be favored, a walk has to satisfy four main conditions: it must be useful, safe, comfortable, and interesting. Each of these qualities is essential an none alone is sufficient
Comparatively smaller cities also reflect incomplete European integration. Paris is large by national standards, for instance, accounting for around 30% of French GDP and boasting incomes per person some 59% above the western European average. But if there was genuine freedom of movement within Europe, big-city wage premiums should trigger a flood of migrants from outside national borders.

Productivity: The importance of being urban | The Economist

I love what Steve Blank, who is teaching entrepreneurship at Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia, says about urban hub:

“no successful startup ecosystem was built from local talent. How can you draw the best talent from all over the world?” 

That’s probably one of my first question when I meet someone in San Francisco : Where do you come from? This place welcomes many people from all over the world and it is a key element to develop innovation. Europe should definitely improve this situation. You have to encourage “flow” as explains John Hagel, and be attractive enough to make people start their dream project, company or ambition in your city.  

(via San Francisco Is America’s Best City in 2012 - Businessweek)
City Pride. 
Temperate San Francisco, known for its not-warm summers, could eventually experience 126 days of extreme heat annually