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(via Edible water bottle uses algae to create biodegradable alternative)

Aaron Dignan: Digital Isn’t Software, It’s a Mindset (by 99U)

If you ever wonder what’s fueling America’s staggering inequality, ponder Facebook’s acquisition of the mobile messaging company WhatsApp.
So education must be the bridge between the present and future, the old and the new. But we must also build an enduring platform. By that I mean a new way of thinking about the global economy—the “new multilateralism”, where all stakeholders take joint responsibility for the global common good, breaking down the borders and barriers that are really relics of a bygone age.
(via Why The Secret To Getting Rich And Changing The World Is To Have A Stupid Idea | Business Insider)
We must move beyond trends to recognize a new world of guiding narratives driven by values, implications, systems, design, and aspirations. Simply stated, if trends have been the beating heart of futures thinking, then it’s time for a transplant.
Social media permeate the personal, academic, political and professional lives of millennials, helping to foster the type of environment where innovation flourishes. So when compared with older generations, millennials learn quickly — and that’s the most important driver of innovation.
while the tech media spent most of 2013 complaining that Apple “wasn’t innovating,” Apple was secretly developing its new Mac Pro supercomputer, perfecting its Authentech-based Touch ID technology that the industry has been flummoxed to copy, completing iOS 7 (while Google took a Kit Kat break with Android Key Lime Pie) and OS X Mavericks (while Microsoft fiddled as Windows 8 burned), while also bringing an entirely new 64-bit mobile architecture into production ahead of the world’s leading chip designers and foundries (which didn’t see a pressing need to move to 64-bit and lacked Apple’s experience in doing so)…

Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson Hangout on air (by Google4Entrepreneurs)

Hangout With Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson moderated by Yonca Brunini. Hangout conversation covers entrepreneurship, space travel, briefly the hyperloop and other exciting projects

3 questions I ask myself when I have a new idea:
1/ Who cares?
2/ So what?
3/ What’s new?