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Millennials, one of the largest generational groups in the U.S., on par with the Baby Boomers, are also the largest group of smartphone owners, says Nielsen in a report out today. And their adoption of the devices is still growing: by the second quarter of this year, 85% of those aged 18 to 24 owned a smartphone, and 86% of those aged 25 to 34 did.
Across the globe, 70 percent of tomorrow’s future leaders might ‘reject’ what business as traditionally organized has to offer, preferring to work independently through digital means in the future.
CHART: Here’s How Mobile Social Networks Have Become
55 percent of Americans said they’d used a mobile device to access the internet in 2012. A surprisingly large number — 31 percent — of these mobile internet users say that’s the primary way they access the web.

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‘Temporary’ is the new normal. Why shouldn’t cities change with the rhythm of the year, week, day and hour? In cities like Bogota, where there are many revered landmarks, there is not a danger of ruining the city image if zones are created for constant change.

Phorce: The World’s First Smart Bag

"bags haven’t changed much over time, so they’re a little outdated. We designed Phorce to be the ultimate bag for the mobile age. "

Pretty cool project on Kickstarter.